May Day 4th Quarter Sprint


Organized By: Cor5aire

Race Day

Since the Daymar Rally is a very long course it's quite common that a lot or teams don't have the chance to practice different legs of the course. For this practice run we will be flying to a last quarter start marker and sprinting home to Wolf Point Emergency Shelter. FOLLOWING RULES FROM THE VERSION 3.1 RULEBOOK U.S SERVER Add Cor5aire as an RSI friend to join the party. UTC  Sat, 18th MAY 2019 at 20:00 Friend requests sent out @ 20.00 UTC Launch server and fly to location @ 20.30 UTC Official race start Saturday 18th May 2949-  21.15 UTC  See you on Daymar

19 MAY 04:01EDT

May Day 4th Quarter Sprint

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May Day 4th Quarter Sprint

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